Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado is a Home Rule Municipality and the County Seat and most populous city of El Paso County. Located just east of the center of the state and 61 miles south of the capital of Colorado, Denver. With an average elevation of 6,035 feet, the city sits more than a lime above sea level. The city sits near the base of Pikes Peak on the eastern edge of the southern Rocky Mountains.

With an estimated 2009 population of just under 415,000, Colorado Springs is the second most populous city in Colorado, behind Denver; and the 48th most populous city in the country. Covering 186 square miles, it is the largest of Colorado's cities in area. Outside Magazine named Colorado Springs Number One in its 2009 list of America's Best Cities.

Colorado Springs was founded in 1871 by General William Palmer, who wanted to create a high-quality resort community. The community soon took on the nickname "Little London", because of the many English tourists who visited. Due to its proximity to Pike's Peak and the beautiful Garden of the Gods area, Colorado flourished as a tourist destination.

Palmer's flagship resort, Antlers Hotel, opened within two years and Colorado Springs was off and running. Within a few years Palmer founded the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad, and by the late 1800s, Colorado Springs was one of the most popualr travel destinations in the US. The town of Palmer Lake and Palmer Divide are named after General Palmer, in addition to Palmer High School. There is a bronze statue of Palmer atop a horse in front of the school.

When Palmer first founded the city, he ensured the new city would be alcohol free, which it would remain until after Prohibition ended in 1933. Nearby Colorado City (now called Old Colorado City, and not-to-be confused with present-day Colorado City), was home to many who achieved wealth from the Gold Rush. Many of these people, after striking it rich, built homes in Colorado Springs. These same affluent people are also responsible for building the civic infrastructure of Colorado Springs, before the city's population warranted the expense. Colorado City remained the county seat of El Paso County until 1873, when the courthouse was moved to Colorado Springs. Colorado City was the location of a famous 1903 labor strike that would eventually lead to the Colorado Labor Wars.

With the exhaustion of the area's gold and silver, Colorado City would fade, most of the miners retiring or leaving the area. But thanks to the dry climate and natural scenic beauty, Colorado Springs would continue to grow and flourish as a tourist destination. Over the years Colorado Springs would absorb numerous mining towns like Roswell, Broadmoor, Austin Bluffs, Cimarron Hills, and Old Colorado City. Old Colorado City, on the western side of town, is a historic district and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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