Estela's Mexican Restaurant

Mexican Food in Colorado Springs

I was not too sure about Estela's, however, it was mostly due to the fact that any restaurant that seems to open in that spot soon goes out of business. But one day, I was riding with a friend and she said that Estela's reopened in the same spot and she seemed rather excited about it. I should have asked her if it was good, but as you will get to know in the future, I consider myself a mexican food expert. Even if she had not sounded so thrilled about the reopening, I still would have made it a point to dine at Estela's.
I will start by saying that the service was excellent and everyone was very friendly. There were quite a few people dining there and I assumed that was a good sign. I should have learned from my experiences at Amanda's Fonda; just because there are a lot of people, does not mean that the place is good.

The chips and hot sauce were brought out, which soon had my friend and I laughing. The hot sauce was outstanding, but the chips were generic tostitos. Not homemade chips, or even restaurant style chips, but just as I said, generic round tostitos! Chips are an essential part of the mexican food dining experience and an easy / inexpensive addition. I knew from that moment on, the dinner would probably fall flat.....and it did!!

When I was placing my order, I asked the waitress if I could have shredded beef in my taco and she looked at me like I was an idiot. Where am I, Texas? Everyone in Colorado has shredded beef and she's going to look at me like I just ordered spaghetti with meatballs? I go ahead with my taco order with ground beef and a cheese enchilada. My friend also orders a taco WITH GROUND BEEF and a beef enchilada.

Service was extremely fast as it seemed we had ordered only two minutes before the food suddenly appeared. Rice and beans were good and the enchilada was lukewarm, nothing special about either. It was the taco that made me know I would never return. I could deal with the ground beef, but my taco shell was not only a generic shell, it was so stale it was hard to chew. My friend had the same taco shell experience and once again, we laughed while we tried to chew through what I imagine drywall must be like to eat.

Estela's Mexican Restaurant
925 South 8th St., Colorado Springs, CO, 80906
(719) 575-0244

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