Rudy's Little Hideaway

Mexican Food / Breakfast in Colorado Springs
'It's Breakfast for the Recession'

Located directly across the parking lot from Estela's, Rudy's Little Hideaway offers something Estela's cannot - Great food. If you have read my review of Estela's, you know I was not a fan and honestly, when I decided to try Rudy's (not the bbq place), I had my doubts. What piqued my interest? Everytime I drove by the restaurant, Rudy's side of the parking lot was packed.

The Experience: A friend and I decided to give them a shot during their breakfast hours since that was when I noticed the bigger crowds. We walk in and the place is packed, there's even about a fifteen minute wait. No big deal. I decided to walk to the front of the restaurant, which was not an open seating section. This was the side with big glass windows and beautiful views of the Colorado Springs mountain range. I was a bit surprised that they were not taking advantage of the views - it seems to me that people would not only come for the food but also the gorgeous views. After about fifteen minutes they showed us to our table. The service was great and everyone was very friendly. We requested some chips and salsa - I know we were there to have breakfast but I just had to see, especially after my experience at Estela's. Both were excellent - the chips were delicious and even hot. The salsa, a spicy green salsa, served cold, was excellent. I ordered the Mexican Omelette with potatoes and an English Muffin. Everything was really good....and how many times have you ever found yourself saying that an English Muffin was 'really good'?...but this one was. I also ordered a side of sausage and the patty was superb. My buddy decided to go the lunch route and ordered the rack of tacos. These were four hardshell ground beef tacos served on a taco rack. They had all the normal fixings plus I believe some of them had refried beans on them as well. He loved them and has ordered them again and again on later trips. I almost thought twice about revealing this last part about Rudy's Little Hideaway because I didn't want any increased popularity to go to their heads....or pockets. But the prices here are great. A meal that included all the items mentioned above, plus cokes and coffee cost around $16.00!!!! Where in the hell are you going to find that anymore. It's breakfast for the recession.

Since our first trip, we have almost made Rudy's Little Hideaway a part of our Sunday routine. I have tried their pancakes, french toast, hash browns, burritos, enchiladas and everything is awesome. I recommend doing breakfast instead of dinner, where prices didn't seem quite as friendly. Whether you are visiting or you are a resident, make sure you give Rudy's Little Hideaway a shot.

Rudy's Little Hideaway
945 South 8th Street, Colorado Springs, CO, 80905
(719) 632-9527

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