Woodland Park Colorado

Woodland Park, Colorado is a Home Rule Municipality and the most populous city in Teller County. Immediately east of Woodland Park is El Paso County and the unicorporated community of Crystola. Woodland Park is surround by the million acre Pike National Forest. Most of the town's residents commute 17 miles to neighboring Colorado Springs. 12 miles to the west, on US 24 is Ute Pass. As of the 200 census, the town's population was just over 6,500.

Nicknamed the "City Above the Clouds", the town lies at an average elevation of 8,465 feet. The city commonly enjoys clear skies even when weather in neighboring communities is rainy or overcast. The city's leaders have always been careful in allowing growth, to preserve the majestic views of Pike's Peak. Residents enjoy easy access to hiking, climbing, and fishing. Because of the city's location and topography, there is a natural limit to population growth. The town's borders encompass an area of 5.7 square miles, all of it land.

As of the 2000 US Census, Woodland Park was home to 6,515 people in 2,476 households, with 1,884 local families. Population density was 1,150 people per square mile. The town's racial makeup consists of almost 95 percent Caucasian, with the remainder mixed between Native American, Asian, and Hispanic. The median age of the population was 38 years. Males outnumbered females by a tiny margin. The town's children attend schools of the Woodland Park School District RE-2.

Woodland Park is currently recovering from an extended drought that ended in the winter of 2006-2007. Though temperatures frequently fall below freezing during the winter, the occasional warm days, combined with clear skies, make the weather more tolerable to residents than those of other mountainous areas around the country. A number of renowned musicians call Woodland Park home, and various arts festivals are held at the Ute Pass Cultural Center throughout the year. Woodland Park is also home to the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center, a museum showcasing various dinosaur and fossil exhibits.

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