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Fiesta's Mexican Restaurant, Edwards CO

From Beaver Creek, you will have to take a short drive (from Beaver Creek / Avon) into Edwards, but it is worth it. Chips are ok, but the hot sauce is delicious (The best chips and salsa in the Beaver Creek, CO area can be found at Fiesta Jalisco in Avon, CO). The waiter always brings a spicy and mild version...go for the spicy.

There is shredded beef at this place, so don't be shy.

I am pretty simple when it comes to mexican food because I usually order a cheese enchilada and shredded beef taco.....this dates back to my days in Phoenix, AZ (which is, BTW, the Holy Land of mexican food). I figure if the place can't make a good enchilada and taco, then there's probably nothing else worth trying on the menu. The cheese enchiladas with red sauce are very good and the shredded beef was too, but the taco shell was that generic type you can get at Taco Bell, or buy at the grocery store. Too bad everyone can't see the benefits of frying your own shells. However, I am not so much of a food snob that I can't still enjoy my taco with a generic shell. All things considered, Fiesta's makes a worthy taco... generic shell and all.

Through the years, I have eaten at Fiesta's many times and eventually I took the road less traveled. Now, there are other dishes that exceed expectations, but nothing hit me like the chicken enchiladas in a jalepeno-white sauce....out of sight. I also really loved the Santa Fe-styled blue corn enchiladas complete with cooked egg on top. The handmade corn tamales are yummy, I prefer mine smothered in their New Mexico-styled chili sauce.

With more than twenty different types of tequilas, the margaritas were not only outstanding, they were fun to mix and match as well.

It may not be the best mexican food you will ever have, but it is definitely the best mexican food you're going to get in this part of Colorado.

Fiesta's New Mexican Cafe
(970) 926-2121
57 Edwards Access Rd
Edwards, CO 81632


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