Billy's Pizza
Old World Chicago Style Pizza
& Italian Buffet

Order the Chicago-style Pizza - Skip the Buffet

These guys will never know just how close they got to having a brutal review written about them (Well, I guess they will now). I first stopped by Billy's in Colorado Springs about two years ago (Since then, they have had the same 'Grand Opening' sign up). When I arrived, they were understaffed due to one of their employees not showing up for his shift. It took about ten minutes for someone to bring me my drink. I ordered the buffet and it had about two slices of pizza available and some pasta. I had to wait while they made more pizza. I have worked in restaurants before so I know how to be patient and I also know that things can just randomly lose control.

The Experience: When they finally brought out more pizza, for the buffet, I was quite hungry and ready to dig-in. Once I tasted the pizza I thought it was terrible. I am not a fan of frozen pizza but I thought to myself that frozen pizza is better than this. The salad bar was fairly standard, nothing exciting and the pasta was tragic as most buffet pasta can be. When I left, I thought I was going to tear into this place with a brutal review, not because I am mean-spirited, quite the opposite, but because I thought 'how can you screw up a pizza', not only that, 'how can you call it Chicago-style'. Food cost on a x-large supreme is about $2 to $3 dollars and most places charge about $15 to $20. I am a believer that you have to work hard to make pizza taste like crap.

I waited a long time before I decided to finally write my review. But when I did, I went to Billy's website to gather info (address, phone, etc) as I prepared to write my review. It was then that I noticed that they actually serve a Chicago-style pizza. I decided to hold off on the review and a couple of days later I called Billy's and ordered a large Chicago-style pizza with pepperoni, sausage, meatballs and beef. I recommend ordering it about 45 minutes before because it takes about that long for it to cook. So, me and a couple of friends hop in the car and go down to their 8th Street location to dine in. It was a Friday night and they were busy. Most of the people were eating the buffet (they seemed to enjoy it), I saw a couple of people having sandwiches (they looked delicious). We arrived about thirty minutes after I placed the order over the phone, so two of us had the salad bar. The service was great and the girl who waited on us was very nice. I am assuming that it was Billy himself that even came out and talked to us. He was very friendly. After about fifteen minutes, our beautiful pizza arrived. For those of you not familiar with Chicago-style pizza, the sauce is on top and all the toppings and cheese are underneath. I have been to Chicago and had the pizza but my two friends had never had it before. The pizza was incredible! The crust was a little different than what I remembered but nonetheless, very good. The cost of a large Chicago pizza with four toppings, two salad bars and three drinks ran us about $50 which included the tip. It fed three grown men with two slices left over. My suggestion: Don't waste your time on the buffet, get the Chicago-style pizza and you won't be disappointed.

Billy's Pizza
Old World Chicago Style Pizza
& Italian Buffet

308 South 8th Street, Colorado Springs, CO, 80905
(719) 630-3400

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